American Lit Summer Reading–11th Grade American Literature Summer Reading Assignment 2018-2019

American Lit Syllabus–AMHSyllabusAmLit-2018-2019

MLA Citation Chart–MLA citations

Declaration Project–Student Declaration

Crucible Essay —Crucible Persuasive Essay

Mid-Term Exam Guide–Unit 1 study Guide 2018 


Reading Project–Lightman Reading Project

Read and Respond (Dating)–NonfictionGraphicOrganizer (1)

Link to on-line Novel for Alan Lightman–Einstein’s Dream

Vocabulary Help — Rhetorical Devices-Lit Terms         LiteraryDevicePowerPoint   LITERARY TERMS chart   

Lincoln Speech —Second Inaugural Address

Speech Notes–Rhetorical Speech Analysis –How

H. Turner–Henry Turner

Socratic Packet–Socratic Seminar Questions–American Lit     Socratic Rubric        Socratic Reflections pg. 1         Socratic Reflections pg. 2  

Socrates Packet– Socrates      Assignment for AM Lit 02-05-2019  

Vocabulary Help:

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