AP Language Calendar

  • 04

    All day

    Teacher went over the AP exam packet in preparation for the Mock Exam (Thursday–March 7th at 8am on the dot)

    –homework–complete the tedtalk assignments and print to bring to class Wednesday along with your notes from the PBS documentary in preparation for the synthesis timed write—USA test prep

  • 06

    All day

    Students will take a timed synthesis write –(this will take place on google classroom and will not open until 12pm after your warm-up)—you will also complete the socratic questions packet over the three novels (Native Son, In Cold Blood, and The Things They Carried)

    –Homework–study for Mock, USA test prep, and complete the socratic questions

  • 11

    All day

    Students began the Socratic Seminar over The Things They Carried, Native Son, and In Cold Blood (2 groups went)


    –Homework–complete annotations, USA test prep

  • 13

    All day

    students completed the Socratic Seminar and the reflections section of the packet, students also turned in their novels and Socratic packets

    –Homework–USA test prep and bring Naylor and Staples to class on Friday

  • 18

    All day

    students read and analyze Maus by Spiegelman–students are to write a rhetorical analysis essay and submit to turnitin.com tonight over the following prompt:

    “Look up and research the term “black humor.” Discuss how Spiegelman makes use of it and how he uses it to create his visual argument.”  You MUST include textual evidence with PROPER MLA FORMATTING AND CITATIONS.

    –Homework–USA test prep and the above assignment