AP 2 Essays

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Essay 1–Friday 4/19 in class

Essay 1

Essay 2–Given Friday not due until Sunday –longer essay requirement 

Essay 2 

 You will have until NOON Wednesday to redo this assignment and follow the actual directions.  NO LATE WORK OR WRONG ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!  You MUST read the prompt thoroughly and pay attention to the differences in the assignment.  This is a reflection on how you read prompts carefully and DO NOT ASSUME what the prompt is asking you to do.


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Welcome to AP Language and Composition!!!  This course consists of learning three different writing methods, how to breakdown and interpret AP multiple choice questions, understanding different forms of rhetoric, and how to analyze elements of prose (both non-fiction and fiction).


Welcome to American Literature!!  This course will explore the different American literary eras and their historical influences, different forms of writing and analyzing, as well as understanding and breaking down the components of literature.