Argument 2

2017-09-22 All day

students were to read/annotate/analyze John Winthrop’s piece and today students were to read/analyze William Bradford’s piece and begin working on rough drafts for the following prompt:

After reading John Winthrop’s A Modell of Christian Charity and William Bradford’s A History of Plymouth Plantation, you are to identify a topic that can be argued from both pieces (i.e. the aspect of judgment).  Then construct a well written argumentative essay in which you prove your argument topic through evidence and detail.  You are writing a full essay which MUST include an introduction (with thesis), bodies (with counter-argument), and conclusion.

–Homework–complete USA Test Prep by Friday—-submit typed final drafts of the argumentative essay above to by Sunday 11:59 pm—GO TO THE ANNOUNCEMENT PAGE FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO SET-UP YOUR ESSAY